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Divorce is always a difficult time in a person�s life, for everyone involved.  There is no �one size fits all� approach to a case.  At The Law Office of Michael M. Yellin, the specific facts, needs, and expectation of each client is evaluated, and a specialized solution is developed to meet each client�s special needs.

When both spouses agree on the terms of the divorce, including the division of any assets and arrangements for the care and support of the minor children, the parties can enter into a Stipulation which the court can then adopt as the final judgment for dissolution of marriage. 

If the parties can not agree on all, or any, terms of the divorce, the parties can still stipulate to the portions that they do agree on.  The remaining (or all), disputed issues can then be resolved with the aid of the Court.  However, this route can be very time consuming, and of course, will increase the cost of the divorce to both parties, as well as increase the stress level for the parties, and the children.  The right Agreement can often help resolve your matter amicably, and cost effectively, and with less stress.

During the pendency of the divorce, temporary child and spousal support, and temporary custody, can be determined through agreement of the parties or through court action.

Mr. Yellin can help the parties reach an amicable agreement for all matters, or vigorously advocate for his client before the court.