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Michael M. Yellin, Esq., is an attorney licensed to practice Law in the State of California.  A graduate of the Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, law is Mr. Yellin's second career.

Prior to law school, Mr. Yellin worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for a "Voluntary" hospital, operating under the direction of the Fire Department of New York, in New York City.  While working in that capacity, Mr. Yellin was awarded the Excellent Duty Award.  Mr. Yellin also dedicated much of his spare time to volunteer with an ambulance company.  Mr. Yellin brings a public interest focus to his practice, by providing affordable legal services to people of "modest means."  Mr. Yellin understands the unique issues involved in Divorce and Child Custody and Support, and the effects of these matters on the parties, having experienced them first hand in his own life.

Mr. Yellin also fights for the rights of employees who are taken advantage of by their employers. For years, Mr. Yellin has worked with restaurant servers, plumbers assistants, customer service representatives, cable and satellite television installers, and people from all walks of life, to obtain redress for the wrongs committed against them by their employers. Mr. Yellin has worked to obtain payment of wages and damages for overtime pay, missed meal and rest breaks, commissions pay, and has helped several people obtain damages for emotional distress when appropriate.

Mr. Yellin handles Family Law matters, including Custody, Visitation, and Child and Spousal Support matters, and all aspects of Employment Law, as well as Unlawful Detainer actions.  Mr. Yellin treats each client with respect and understanding, and  brings passion to each client's case while paying particular attention  to the unique facts of each client's matter.